TBV016 Julia Huffman 12.21.14



Television producer turned documentary film director, Julia Huffman joins host, Steven Breitbach to discuss her work in progress film, Medicine of the Wolf.  Expected to be released in 2015, the film explores the uniquely varied  relationship between humans and wolves, by highlighting the career of National Geographic wildlife photographer, Jim Brandenburg.  The film attempts to bridge the heated  divide between wolf admirers and proponents of recreational hunting by shedding some light on this most misunderstood animal.

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TBV013 Maryam Henein 11.22.14

heart-behind-the-hive-625x347 maxresdefault Canadian investigative journalist, activist and award winning documentary director, Maryam Henein joins Steven  Breitbach for episode TBV013 of The Best Vibrance.  Maryam is best known for her 2010 film Vanishing of the Bees a provocative film documenting the mysterious phenomenon of colony collapse disorder.   Maryam shares with Steven her introduction into the world of bees and discusses their mutual passion for the hive.  Maryam is also the founder of HoneyColony.com, a web portal for news and information regarding the plight of honeybees and other environmental and health related issues.

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TBV012 Patrick McGean 11.20.14

Renegade Health Researcher and Proponent of Organic Sulfur in the diet

Renegade Health Researcher and Proponent of Organic Sulfur in the diet


As a proponent of Fresh Bee Pollen, TBV Host, Steven Breitbach occupies a post on the fringe of modern culture.  From this vantage point he encounters those rare individuals who are planted even further out on the fringe.  Enter renegade medical researcher, Patrick McGean founder of The Cellular Matrix Study and proponent of organic sulfur in the daily diet.  Organic Sulfur is an essential mineral that has been removed from the food supply as a result of the enforced use of petro-chemical fertilizers in commercial agriculture.   McGean joins Steven to discuss his research project which includes over 400,000 participants worldwide who report astounding results.

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TBV010 Dr. Dan French 11.05.14

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Austin, Texas based standup comic, college professor and late-night comedy writer, Dr. Dan French dropped 125 lbs through research and diet experimentation.  He joins The Best Vibrance host Steven Breitbach to discuss his personal transformation and how he documented his journey in a one-man comedy show in which he educates, informs and inspires his audience to be mindful of the foods we consume.

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TBV009 Sheila Spensley 10.31.14

full 293751_4308851532780_1386387456_n


In Episode TBV009 the topic of discussion turns from honeybees to Beatles as  Austin-based musician, Sheila Spensley shares her peak experience, this past Summer, recording at Abbey Road Studios in London.   She joins Steven Breitbach on The Best Vibrance for a special Halloween edition.  Sheila discusses the spiritual and  paranormal phenomena she witnessed while in her artistic zone in this famous recording studio.  Steven shares his experience meeting  Ringo Starr and introducing him to HiveMind Bee Pollen.

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TBV005 Renee Ricciardi 2 10.09.14

Screen Shot 2014-10-10 at 11.27.09 PM


Part II: Boston based photographer, Renee Ricciardi joins Steven Breitbach to discuss her passion for honeybees and the artistic inspiration she derived from traveling through Italy photographing ancient apiaries and the bee keepers who maintain them.


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TBV002 SPECTR 9.28.14

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Steven Breitbach is joined by L.A. underground street artist, Spectr for a discussion on honeybees, bee pollen and the intrinsic wisdom of the hive that has influenced humans from our early origins to the present day.   

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