TBV012 Patrick McGean 11.20.14

Renegade Health Researcher and Proponent of Organic Sulfur in the diet

Renegade Health Researcher and Proponent of Organic Sulfur in the diet


As a proponent of Fresh Bee Pollen, TBV Host, Steven Breitbach occupies a post on the fringe of modern culture.  From this vantage point he encounters those rare individuals who are planted even further out on the fringe.  Enter renegade medical researcher, Patrick McGean founder of The Cellular Matrix Study and proponent of organic sulfur in the daily diet.  Organic Sulfur is an essential mineral that has been removed from the food supply as a result of the enforced use of petro-chemical fertilizers in commercial agriculture.   McGean joins Steven to discuss his research project which includes over 400,000 participants worldwide who report astounding results.

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TBV007 Ryan Anthony 10.20.14


Permaculture Designer, Ryan Anthony

Permaculture Designer, Ryan Anthony

Certified Permaculture Designer, Ryan Anthony joins Steven Breitbach to discuss the emergence of a global movement toward alternative food production methods known as Permaculture Farming. These farming methods intergrate ancient food production methods with renewable energy to mimic nature’s own self-sustaining ecosystems. Permaculture farming is scaleable for urban environments, thus providing habitat for urban bees. The implications for locally produced, decentralized food production, within an urban environment is discussed.

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Genesis of the Vision

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The Best Vibrance podcast host, Steven Breitbach tells the story of  his near-death experience in the mountains of Panama and how this experience introduced him to the world of bees, their high intelligence and their ability to communicate with humans.

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